HOME Snow  Haulers is committed to providing the most reliable snow plowing and removal service to our customers.



CALL: 717-431-3777

Scope of our work:

Residential customers:  

After storm agreements - These agreements are designed to get you out from your house in a reasonable time after the snow has fallen. Within 24 hours of the end of the storm, we schedule to have all of our customers cleared. We only come when you contact us.

We realize some of our customers need to be plowed on a schedule. Contact us for details.

Commericial Customers:

It our business to keep you in business.  The contracts are designed to keep you plowed out approximately every 3 inches of snow. Our goal is to keep you open during business hours. We have equipment that can move snow that is 12 inches or more. We are not accepting any 24 hour facilities at this time.

If something has happened to current snow plowing company, let us know. We can get you pricing and a one-time contract to help you out. Contact us for details.